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 First of machinery to customer demand as the center, all aspects to meet customer needs. Strive to provide our customers with quality, satisfaction, efficient service. The Division's services system, including: Pre-sales services, On-sales Service, After-sales Service. 
Pre-sales services 
w Introduction Company status, product technology; 
w Technical exchanges with customers to help customers fully understand the equipment. 
w To provide reasonable recommendations plant layout, process layout, while helping customers demonstration program, feasibility analysis, investment and risk assessment. 

On-sales Service 
Ready to provide customers with detailed installation information, including not only the main equipment includes auxiliary equipment, as well as the connection of machines and auxiliary systems, etc., to help customers training personnel. 
According to the customer and contractual requirements, track the production and delivery, and tracking of the Association of the production; 
For the sale of equipment, we have an obligation to help customers track onto the normal operation, customer satisfaction as a criterion. 

After-sales Service
The company will service staff training, so that continuously improve the overall quality of service. 
The company is responsible for receiving and processing customers on product quality and service quality complaints; 
We will send professional and technical personnel to guide the installation and commissioning of your plant, and operator training. 
product automation, stable performance, high precision, simple operation, easy maintenance, and our company will provide lifelong maintenance service commitment; 
Consumable parts replacement and other maintenance cost price to provide long-term maintenance of machinery and spare parts supply. 
Once the fault occurs, the company will be the fastest service personnel rushed to the scene. 
Our company adheres to the principle is to solve the problem, after clearly define the responsibilities of the user to reduce the losses to a minimum. 

If you have the demand, please contact us - sales service hotline: +86-595-88139047, we will endeavor to help you out with your business success of our greater glory! 
Thank you for your sincere cooperation!