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  • ZDBL-450/600 Integrated bridge cutting machine
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    It adopts PLC system and human-machine intelligent operation interface. The main engine uses double hydraulic lifting to combined with chrome guide sleeve, which is small clearance and wearable and beautiful. The design of multi-layer seal in the guide sleeve is waterproof, dustproof and leakproof. The sidebeam adopts high precision linear slide track. The left-right, forward-backward movement are all use encoder to control. With high precision megnetic railing ruler to detect, it can adjust the speed according to the stone materials, thus the accuracy is higher. It uses the dedicated motor of stone machinery. The cutting head can rotate 0 and 90 , enhancing the processing speed. The blade can tilt 0 and 45 , enlarging the range of application. It is an integrated machine with compacted structure, easy operation and efficient cutting precision, which is the first choice for processing and chamfering for high value granite and marble.

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