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leader speech

With the advent of the 21st century, we are facing an unprecedented era of change. The world is a market, only in the competition to take advantage of the enterprise to survive.

To speed up the development of enterprises, the first machine always adhere to the integrity, pragmatic, innovative, beyond the management philosophy. Innovation is the driving force of enterprises, quality is the lifeblood of enterprises, integrity is the basis of business. Through the development of enterprises, to further deepen the adjustment of industrial structure and product structure adjustment, the first Machinery Co., Ltd. bigger and stronger. With a large scale of production, advanced production technology, scientific management structure; in order to bring consumers to enjoy high-quality, low-cost benefits based on the principle of down-to-earth, to DS legislation, better service society.

The future of an enterprise depends on how much the business has the right vision, whether it has a leading business approach, whether it creates the highest value that goes beyond customer expectations, and the first machine has made a lot of investment in order to adapt to the rapidly changing market business model Unremitting efforts, has a remarkable achievements, high standards of modern factories, the establishment of a sound scientific management system, built a high-quality professional personnel.

Tomorrow, the first machine will be a new attitude, step by step, to world-class enterprises as the goal, "to create wealth, the benefit of society" and struggle. Finally, the first machine sincerely welcome the community, the majority of my colleagues and our common development, with forge ahead.

General manager:苏长春