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  • DQCM-75/95/105-A/B Dual drive block cutting machine
  • Product Features:

    Dual drive heavy duty block cutting machine, adopts our patented dual-drive mode (one pull and one push) for moving left and right, and can adjust the moving speed according to the material , and cooperate with the Dual V-track beam track, so moving more stable; Lifting using hydraulic, with four guide post made of 200mm solid round steel chrome-plated; front and back adopt screw drive and double nut drive, and cooperate with the oil-immersed sidebeam rail, which is more wear-resistant; adopts more longer and more heavy casting beams , Cutting more stable.  Main parts adopt imported materials; The block can be placed in the ground directly to save worktable and its maintenance costs; Thus the whole machine is featured as high cutting efficiency, high slicing precision, flatness of plate after cutting, high stability, easy-operating to suit specially cutting granite block. 

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